This post first appeared on DUSA Media.

One thing many students definitely remember from revising in the library is their browser’s error page.

WiFi connections in the library have either been non-existent or frustratingly slow for months now. Surprisingly, the University’s Information and Communication Services (ICS) directorate wasn’t aware that there was a problem in the first place until mid-March. In an email statement, ICS assistant director Ellen Keir said that “prior to that we had nothing significant reported either directly to Service Desk in the library or through our online tool for reporting issues, Help4U.”

The problem, according to Keir, was that bandwidth use in the library was well within acceptable limits – but the number of connections exceeded capacity. Attempts to fix the issue during the Easter break were prevented by delays in getting parts from a supplier. Remedial work has been completed since and ICS says this should have solved the problem.

On top of that, says Keir, ICS became aware of a separate capacity issue on the library’s ground floor, caused in part by additional study spaces set up during the exam period. ICS testing shows that Internet access there seems to work fine now.

Keir encouraged students to report any problems with Internet access on campus to the Service Desk in the library or online. “Our systems monitoring can only do so much and is often focused on availability,” she said. Last time, ICS became only aware of problems with WiFi access when Keir attended a Student Representative Council (SRC) meeting in March, after which the department started investigating the issues. Says Keir, “without feedback from students we may be unaware of their difficulties.”

Still having problems with WiFi in the library? Let us know in the comments and report them to Help4U.