This article first appeared on DUSA Media.

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) was once again rated Scotland’s best student union in the latest National Student Survey (NSS). One of the 10 best student associations in the UK, DUSA placed far ahead of other Scottish student unions.

DUSA’s new president Iain MacKinnon welcomed the news in a statement: “A lot of people might see student unions as solely a place for students to enjoy their evenings whilst at university, but here in DUSA we offer so much more.” MacKinnon highlighted DUSA’s support and funding for more than 100 student societies on campus, the association’s various welfare campaigns, and the work of DUSA’s media outlets.

In the NSS university ranking, the University of Dundee achieved 88% satisfaction, down two points from last year. Among all Scottish universities, Dundee came in fourth, after tying for second place in 2012. The University of St. Andrews topped Scottish institutions with 93% student satisfaction. Students at the University of Bath were the most satisfied in the UK with 94%.

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