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Supporters of the motion, introduced by School of Business president Barbara Jedlinska, argued that the move would provide time for a handover between officeholders and allow newly elected presidents to use the summer break to settle into their role. They also said that first-year students would benefit from meeting their school’s president during their first week at the University.

Opponents said that electing all student representatives at the same time had improved students’ awareness of the SRC and its role in decision-making processes on campus, and argued it was important to allow first-year students to participate in the elections.

The issue had been debated since the beginning of the academic year, including during a special SRC meeting earlier this month. School presidents will now be elected together with the Student Executive of Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA).

The SRC also supported a motion calling for 24-hour access to the Library during exam time, which was introduced by J. B. Fyfe, a councillor without portfolio. Additionally, student representatives voted for a motion put forward by Honorary Secretary Tim Hustler-Wraight that asks the University to ban payday loan companies from advertising on campus. Students were instead encouraged to contact the University’s Student Funding Unit.

Disclosure: Like the SRC, DUSA Media is part of DUSA. The author is an SRC member.