Do you ever spend ten minutes of quality time with Lisa Ann and your right hand? For many readers, the answer will be yes.

As half our audience likely knows, Pornhub is one of the world’s biggest websites for sharing videos of a certain kind. It’s also among Britain’s 50 most popular places on the internet, giving the company plenty of data to analyze the habits and fetishes of its viewers.

Dundonian visitors spend an average of 9:37 minutes on the site. The average Scottish user needs almost ten seconds more to take care of business. Locals also use their time more efficiently than their neighbors. Only visitors from St. Andrews are faster (9:22 minutes) to close that tab, whereas users from Arbroath (10:12) and Perth (9:58) are taking their sweet time.

Dundonians are also more decisive (or just less picky) when it comes to selecting the right video to enjoy. They only look at an average of 6.73 videos. Visitors from Perth (6.82 videos), Arbroath (6.85) and St. Andrews (6.94) inspect a higher number of candidates to spend some alone time with.

Somewhat impressively, the average Scottish visitor to the site manages to squeeze 8.76 videos into just 9:45 minutes.

Among Scottish cities, Dundee stands out as the only place where “smoking” doesn’t make the top 5 of search terms. Our city’s residents are just as keen to discover, however, what adult actress Lisa Ann looks like her birthday suit.

Other popular queries in Dundee: British, Lesbian, Madison Ivy (who told Twitter that her “face needs to get” you-know-what), and MILF (a “mother I’d like” to do the thing to that Ms Ivy wants done to her face).

Pornhub also reports that on cold days their traffic, unlike other things, grows.