In a mock referendum held on Tuesday, students at the University of Dundee voted against independence.

Students were asked the same question that will be on the ballot for the official referendum in September, “Should Scotland be an independent country?” 319 students participated in the mock referendum. 58.6 percent (187 students) said “no” in response to the question, with 40.4 percent (129 students) voting “yes”.

DUSA President Iain MacKinnon said in a statement: “It’s great to see so many students engaged in politics at the University with hundreds voting in this referendum. The vote was a lot closer than many people expected and shows that there is still a lot to play for. I hope that the students who voted here today continue getting involved in politics and, for those who are able, vote in the real referendum in September.”

Students were given the chance to cast their vote in DUSA’s foyer during the day. The mock referendum, which had been advertised across campus in the past few days, was part of DUSA’s efforts to raise political awareness among students. Dundee City Council were on hand on Tuesday to register any students who had not yet done so.

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