The Student Representative Council has called on the University to explain what consequences it will have for them when up to 120 members of academic staff are cut.

An SRC resolution said that “the University’s communication on the issue has been nothing short of disastrous” and that “students are left in the dark about the consequences the cuts will have on their education.”

The resolution went on to state: “With five to ten percent of academic staff positions on the chopping block, consequences are inevitable. The University has failed to tell students which schools will suffer the most, whether entire courses could be shut down, and how an already overworked academic staff is expected to serve students.”

A University spokesman reacted by pointing to the Court’s statement made last week and Principal Pete Downes’ presentation during a special SRC meeting, and said there would be a letter from the Principal to staff and students today.

The spokesman added: “As already explained in the University’s previous statements, detailed plans surrounding the voluntary severance scheme will be taken forward to the next meeting of Court in April. Staff and students will be made aware of those plans as and when they have been fully developed.”

In a separate motion, proposed by Psychology School president Martin Béll, the SRC called on the University to provide graduates with life-long email addresses. Current email addresses are usually closed six months after a student graduates from the University. SRC reps and the University’s IT department will work together on the issue in the near future.

The SRC met on Tuesday right after DUSA’s annual general meeting. President Iain MacKinnon updated students on his Exec’s activities since taking office in July. MacKinnon also presented a report on DUSA’s accounts for the year that ended on 31 July 2013, which showed DUSA made a loss of £113,000. He said DUSA is expected to make a surplus for the current year.

After issues in previous years, this year’s general meeting had been overhauled. The quorum was reduced significantly, and unlike last year, when the meeting banned selling The Sun in DUSA premises, the meeting did not discuss any motions, as these will now be decided upon during next month’s referendum process.

Like the SRC, DUSA Media is part of DUSA, but you already knew that. The author is an SRC member and proposed the staff cuts motion.