The University’s senior management has informed staff that a review of undergraduate teaching in the College of Life Sciences and the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing will likely mean cuts to staff numbers.

University Secretary Dr. Jim McGeorge said in an email, which was sent to staff today, that the University Court had approved the review last month.

DUSA Media first learned about the impending staff cuts to both colleges after the Court met in February, but agreed to hold the story until the University had informed staff.

Back then, McGeorge told DUSA Media that the Court expected “a reduction of around ten staff” as the result of changes “to modernise and re-develop the Life Sciences, Medicine and Dental undergraduate degree programmes.”

McGeorge also confirmed to DUSA Media that the Court had agreed that “a reduction of between 80 and 120 academic staff posts is required” across the University, a number that had been reported earlier by The Courier. He cautioned, however, that “the precise target number will only be established when the further proposals come to Court in April.”

In his email to staff, McGeorge said: “The Colleges will establish a consistent approach to management and delivery of all teaching and scholarship for biomedical and life sciences undergraduate teaching across the University, including the delivery of MBChB [Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery] and BDS [Bachelor of Dental Surgery] science teaching.”

He said the University hoped staff in both Colleges could be reduced without layoffs, including through the voluntary severance scheme the Court approved last month. “Full details of the scheme are to be finalised after consultation with the campus unions,” McGeorge added.

McGeorge also told staff that changes in other areas “will be subject to consultation through Senate and School and College Boards, and also with the campus unions.”