I recently flew from Johannesburg to Arusha and had to change planes at Dar Es Salaam’sĀ Julius Nyerere InternationalĀ Airport. It wasn’t as straightforward as I expected it to be so maybe this little guide will come in handy for others.

Turns out terminal 1 (where my Auric Air flight to Arusha left) isn’t exactly near terminal 2 (where my SAA flight from Johannesburg had arrived). First, go through immigration, which – depending on your passport – may involve waiting for a visa. Then you pick up your luggage and exit the airport building.

Once outside, you find a taxi to terminal 1 (or the “old terminal”). There’s plenty of taxis around. The price was either 10 USD or 20,000 TSH. Let your driver know if you need a receipt before you get in the car – mine had to run off to a colleague to fetch one.

The ride to terminal 1 took about five minutes. Then you go through security again, turn left and walk to the “all airlines” check-in counter. The waiting area in terminal 1 had free WiFi and a kiosk for snacks and drinks.

The whole transfer took about an hour (though I didn’t need to wait for a visa). If it sounds like a bit of a hassle, worry not: The flight to Arusha in a 12-seater Cessna made more than up for it.